The red stripe on the German PoW uniform trousers

R.J. Henderson commented about the PoW uniforms worn by the German prisoners in Canada:

Note that the red trouser stripe (11cm. wide) was placed in the right trouser leg only.  As a joke, the PoW often compared themselves to German Generals, who also had a red stripe down their left leg in their dress uniform.

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  1. Howdy,
    I would like some help …
    Is there a place where I can find the names of all the POW’s in Canada during WW2? Or, more specifically, whether Helmut Wick was ever a POW here. Arriving on the East coast on Jan. 22nd or 23rd 1941. I found numerous newspaper articles that claim he did come here. However, he was listed as MIA on dec 4 1940 and remains MIA to this day. I am extremely interested in getting to the bottom of this mystery.
    any and all help will be greatly appreciated !

    • Robert Henderson

      In April 2012 the grave of a unknown Prisoner of War was located by
      in Sask., with the PoW having died enroute to a PoW Camp. More details of
      Mr. WICK may assist in identification of this individual.

      Robert Henderson

    • Robert Henderson

      Additional details required on Mr. Wick, please.

      Robert Henderson

  2. Hello Joe,

    The Holy Grail of researchers would be to find such a list, but I’m afraid what exists is a patchwork of sources, not consolidated, not indexed.

    However, looks like you are searching for information on a well-known flyer. Chances are if he was imprisoned in Canada, someone made a note of it.

    Maybe we should have a “Looking For Information About” section on this website.

    Sorry not to be more informative.

    If Mr. Henderson recognizes the name, I’m sure he will post a note to let you know.



  3. Robert Henderson


    Helmut WICK is not listed among those who died in Canada as Prisoners during WW Two. Nor is he listed among “Escaped PoW still at large” from Canadian PoW Camps at the end of the war.
    Archives Canada does not list the PoW by name.
    You might try the Alberta Archives in Edmonton who retain the ledger from
    Medicine Hat Camp 132, listing their PoW by name with some personal detail – date of capture, date of arrival, religion, etc. You may have to hire a researcher to review their information.
    I have details from some PoW culled from the Toronto Globe and Mail , but nothing to date on this individual. I would be interested in receiving any additional info you might have on this man.
    Another option for you would to advertise (Free) in the “Suchdienst” page of the newspaper “Der Heimkehrer”, Konstantinstrasse 17, 53179 Bonn, Germany.

    Robert Henderson

  4. I’m trying to find a copy of the Standing Orders applying to the handling of internees at Fort Henry, Kingston, Ont., in 1940. Ft Henry was an army post at the time and as far as I know every army post had Standing Orders, which would have included a list of do’s and don’t’s for the prisoners, but I haven’t been able to get my hands on one. Any ideas?

  5. Library and Archives Canada came up with the Standing Orders. But now I’m wondering if anyone has a copy of the Henderson & Madsen book “German prisoners of war in Canada and their artifacts”? published 1993.

  6. Hi Doug,
    Glad you found the S.O. you were looking for.
    The book is not easy to find, though occasionally used ones turn up. Do you watch eBay? That may be a source.
    If you just wanted something looked up, that would probably be possible by posting your question here. However, I expect what you are after is a copy of the book. If anyone has one for sale, perhaps they can let you know here.
    Fingers crossed.

  7. Note that the “Standing Orders” for the Camps were revised from time to time, as would be expected. The Royal Alberta Museum in Edmonton have samples.

    As of JAN. 2017, no extensive list of all the PoW in Canada has not been located from any source.

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