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ITEM 366: Solid brass U-Boat model



Item 366: Brass U-Boat, side view

DESCRIPTION: A solid brass U-Boat model made by a “trusted” PoW in the waning days of WW2. Because of war time rationing and restrictions, a piece of suitable brass of the size required to shape this item would have normally been difficult to acquire.

Item 366: Brass U-Boat, side view with scale


As part of the transition to being released into civilian life, the PoW were encouraged to take classes and to develop skills on machinery to help rebuild war-torn Europe.


21 X 3.5 X 2 cm

Item 366 02: Brass U-Boat, top view

From the Henderson Home Front Collection

Henderson Collection featured in Regina Leader-Post newspaper

I just got a nice package in the mail from Mr. Henderson, containing a cutting of an article the Regina Leader-Post did about his collection.

I found it online as well, so for as long as it’s there, you can read it:

Collection captures Canada’s PoW camps“, by Barb Pacholik.

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