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Kananaskis and Ozada 1: German Prisoners of War in Canada

UNEDITED pictures taken in September 2007 at former Kananaskis Camp 130, which is now a University of Calgary research station, and a few shots of some of the surrounding area. The opening shots are not at the exact location of either camp but are there to show some of the countryside there. This was a foggy day. Usually the mountains are visible.

On there is more information and pictures about German Prisoners of War held in Canada during the Second World War, the Veterans Guard of Canada, and others from the same times and places.
Kananaskis camp was used for internees and merchant marine early in the war. Ozada, a later tent camp, housed PoWs who were later moved to the permanent camps at Lethbridge and Medicine Hat.

REMEMBER you can turn off the sound, speed the film up or slow it down, using the controls provided by YouTube. If you aren’t sure how to do this, please Google it. You can also enlarge the video to full screen. Hover your mouse over the bottom right corner of the video and a symbol like a broken square will appear. Click on that to go to the full screen version. Hit your “ESC” button to go back to normal.

The slide show has markers every 10 slides. If you have a question or comment, please leave it in the comments section and if you can identify the slide by number, that will be very helpful.

Sorry for the reflections and glare. It was the best I could do.

The cabin was called the Colonel’s Cabin and was the office for the commanding officer. The prisoners had barracks, not as nice as the cabin in the film.


Remembrance Day Brochure, 1945, Medicine Hat Camp

This gallery contains 2 photos.

Mr. Henderson’s notes: Remembrance Day for the members of the Veterans Guard of Canada was a essential part of their life style – not only commemorating the loss of family and friends in the First World War, but now sons and daughters and … Continue reading


Picture frame made by a German PoW Heinrich PANZ or PENNS

This gallery contains 2 photos.

This carved wooden photo frame has identifying information carved and written right on it, and there is a typed label as well. Carved on the front: 1939 – 1940; Kananaskis; Seebe Alberta; Camp Written on the back: Heinrich Panz; Waldheim, … Continue reading


Decorated wooden box made by prisoner at Medicine Hat Camp 132

This gallery contains 6 photos.

Six views of a wooden box made by a German prisoner of war at the Medicine Hat Camp 132, dated 1945. The drawings resemble cartoons as seen on PoW YMCA postcards.


A Medicine Hat PoW Journal from 1944, page 7: Capture and transport

This gallery contains 2 photos.

Continuing on from A Medicine Hat PoW Journal from 1944, pages 1-6, here is page 7, which tells how the prisoners’ journey started in Africa. Although this book appears to belong to one man, Rudolf KRUSE, I do not know … Continue reading


A Medicine Hat PoW Journal from 1944, pages 1-6

This gallery contains 7 photos.

Hello, this is Jill Browne posting after a long absence. As you may know already, I am not an expert in German Prisoners of War in Canada, but I have a lot of relevant photos. Most of these are from … Continue reading

Item 367: A book of drawings by prisoners of war in the Lethbridge, Alberta camp


DESCRIPTION: Wood cover with a carved “Veterans Guard of Canada” curved band across the top. Below that a Green Maple Leaf. Below that in Red on a Navy Blue background “PoW Camp 133, Lethbridge”. 15.5 X 11 cm.

Apparently made for a Camp “Show and Sale” as allowed for the PoW to dispose of their handicraft to Camp employees and local citizens.

Inside cover has a area marked “Room for your foto!”.

Pages as follows:

  • Drawing of guard tower, 1940 – 1945. German translates to “10 original illustrations of the Prisoners of War”;
  • Camp scene showing buildings, Union Flag, grain elevators;
  • Character sketch of a VGC member;
  • Jeep with running dog outside the wire;
  • VGC members searching new PoW;
  • VGC member working in a timber camp;
  • Canadian Engineer “Ferrets” survey the compound for potential escape sites;
  • Character sketch of a VGC member in winter garb;
  • VGC Roll Call.;
  • Guard Tower; and
  • VGC member relaxes as PoW work on a farm.

Canadian Censor mark 27 on the inside back cover of the book.

 From the Henderson Homefront Collection

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ITEM 303: Picture, framed by a PoW, of a painting by Albrecht DUERER (1471 – 1528) of his father

Picture in frame

Item 303 002: Pow-made frame and reproduction of Duerer painting, front


White page with notes in pencil about Duerer paining

Item 303 003: Back of Duerer reproduction with notes, possibly by Dr. James HEMSTOCK


DESCRIPTION: Obtained in the Medicine Hat PoW camp by Canadian Dr. James HEMSTOCK, who served there in the Royal Canadian Medical Corps. Marked on the reverse “Reproduction of a painting in oil by Albrecht DUERER.” “DUERER’s father”.

37 x 47.5 CM.

From the Henderson Homefront Collection and Archives.


Veterans Guard of Canada (VGC) Wooden Cigarette Case

From the Henderson Homefront Archives and Collection Wood cigarette case.  Front marked 1941, “Smoke with pleasure -” Cpl. Wilson, R, 13th Co., V.G.O.C. Reverse marked “Kananaskis” 13 Cm. X 8.5 Cm. X 2 Cm. Click on any picture to enlarge … Continue reading

Notes on Veterans Guard pictures of TARBET; Probably not from Maple Creek

The pictures of James TARBET and his fellow Veterans Guards looked to be from Kananaskis, and some were labelled as such.  However, there were some that I (Jill) couldn’t place, and it was suggested perhaps VGC member TARBET might have trained in Maple Creek, Saskatchewan.

R.J. Henderson‘s opinion:

The two pictures with mountains (tall hills) are not from Maple Creek, and I have major doubts about the other two as well.  One has what appear to be a road grade or end of a runway showing.  The young VGC member could well have been guarding an airport in BC as part of his duties.