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Remembrance Day Brochure, 1945, Medicine Hat Camp

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Mr. Henderson’s notes: Remembrance Day for the members of the Veterans Guard of Canada was a essential part of their life style – not only commemorating the loss of family and friends in the First World War, but now sons and daughters and … Continue reading


Decorated wooden box made by prisoner at Medicine Hat Camp 132

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Six views of a wooden box made by a German prisoner of war at the Medicine Hat Camp 132, dated 1945. The drawings resemble cartoons as seen on PoW YMCA postcards.


A Medicine Hat PoW Journal from 1944, page 7: Capture and transport

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Continuing on from A Medicine Hat PoW Journal from 1944, pages 1-6, here is page 7, which tells how the prisoners’ journey started in Africa. Although this book appears to belong to one man, Rudolf KRUSE, I do not know … Continue reading


A Medicine Hat PoW Journal from 1944, pages 1-6

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Hello, this is Jill Browne posting after a long absence. As you may know already, I am not an expert in German Prisoners of War in Canada, but I have a lot of relevant photos. Most of these are from … Continue reading

ITEM 303: Picture, framed by a PoW, of a painting by Albrecht DUERER (1471 – 1528) of his father

Picture in frame

Item 303 002: Pow-made frame and reproduction of Duerer painting, front


White page with notes in pencil about Duerer paining

Item 303 003: Back of Duerer reproduction with notes, possibly by Dr. James HEMSTOCK


DESCRIPTION: Obtained in the Medicine Hat PoW camp by Canadian Dr. James HEMSTOCK, who served there in the Royal Canadian Medical Corps. Marked on the reverse “Reproduction of a painting in oil by Albrecht DUERER.” “DUERER’s father”.

37 x 47.5 CM.

From the Henderson Homefront Collection and Archives.