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Pertaining to a German prisoner or war, or otherwise to the Axis countries in the Second World War.


Item 282: Wood marquetry picture and frame, “The Wolf’s Lair”, Hitler’s house at Berchtesgaden, by PoW Robert GRUBER

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This photo and information is from Mr. Henderson of the Henderson Homefront Archives & Collection. ITEM 282:  WOOD MARQUETRY PICTURE OF “THE WOLF’S LAIR” – HITLER’S HOUSE AT BERCHTESGADEN. DESCRIPTION:   Inlaid mahogany wood picture and frame made by PoW Robert … Continue reading


Veterans Guard of Canada (VGC) Wooden Cigarette Case

From the Henderson Homefront Archives and Collection Wood cigarette case.  Front marked 1941, “Smoke with pleasure -” Cpl. Wilson, R, 13th Co., V.G.O.C. Reverse marked “Kananaskis” 13 Cm. X 8.5 Cm. X 2 Cm. Click on any picture to enlarge … Continue reading


Program from a Play Presented by German Prisoners of War in Mimico, Ontario, September 1942

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The program date is “3 September 1942” and the names in the program, as far as I can make them out, are: A. GIESE R. TREU E. LANGHANS F. FELDMANN T. AXENFELD H. JACOBSEN S. KNAPPE A. PAETOW E. KLEINAU … Continue reading

The red stripe on the German PoW uniform trousers

R.J. Henderson commented about the PoW uniforms worn by the German prisoners in Canada:

Note that the red trouser stripe (11cm. wide) was placed in the right trouser leg only.  As a joke, the PoW often compared themselves to German Generals, who also had a red stripe down their left leg in their dress uniform.

STEINHILPER, escape attempts from Bowmanville

An item that appeared in a list: “Steinhilper” PoW Card, written to his father from Bowmanville,  before his 5th (unsuccessful) escape attempt.

Reported by R.J. Henderson

Kurt BLASS (PoW)

Kurt BLASS was from the U-31, commanded by Kapt. Ltn. Wilfried PRELLBERG (originally published here as PRELLBERT), sunk 19 OCT 1940 by the destroyer HMS ANTELOPE northwest of Ireland.
CORRECTION: Thanks to Hans Mair for advising that the surname we originally had as PRELLBERT should be PRELLBERG.
From the Henderson Homefront Collection & Archives