Otto ELLMAURER, Internee 380

Internee 380  Otto J. ELLMAURER was an Auslander, a German national living in Canada with a strong liking of the Canadian way of life.
R.J. Henderson

Item 367: A book of drawings by prisoners of war in the Lethbridge, Alberta camp


DESCRIPTION: Wood cover with a carved “Veterans Guard of Canada” curved band across the top. Below that a Green Maple Leaf. Below that in Red on a Navy Blue background “PoW Camp 133, Lethbridge”. 15.5 X 11 cm.

Apparently made for a Camp “Show and Sale” as allowed for the PoW to dispose of their handicraft to Camp employees and local citizens.

Inside cover has a area marked “Room for your foto!”.

Pages as follows:

  • Drawing of guard tower, 1940 – 1945. German translates to “10 original illustrations of the Prisoners of War”;
  • Camp scene showing buildings, Union Flag, grain elevators;
  • Character sketch of a VGC member;
  • Jeep with running dog outside the wire;
  • VGC members searching new PoW;
  • VGC member working in a timber camp;
  • Canadian Engineer “Ferrets” survey the compound for potential escape sites;
  • Character sketch of a VGC member in winter garb;
  • VGC Roll Call.;
  • Guard Tower; and
  • VGC member relaxes as PoW work on a farm.

Canadian Censor mark 27 on the inside back cover of the book.

 From the Henderson Homefront Collection

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ITEM 303: Picture, framed by a PoW, of a painting by Albrecht DUERER (1471 – 1528) of his father

Picture in frame

Item 303 002: Pow-made frame and reproduction of Duerer painting, front


White page with notes in pencil about Duerer paining

Item 303 003: Back of Duerer reproduction with notes, possibly by Dr. James HEMSTOCK


DESCRIPTION: Obtained in the Medicine Hat PoW camp by Canadian Dr. James HEMSTOCK, who served there in the Royal Canadian Medical Corps. Marked on the reverse “Reproduction of a painting in oil by Albrecht DUERER.” “DUERER’s father”.

37 x 47.5 CM.

From the Henderson Homefront Collection and Archives.


Item 282: Wood marquetry picture and frame, “The Wolf’s Lair”, Hitler’s house at Berchtesgaden, by PoW Robert GRUBER

This gallery contains 1 photos.

This photo and information is from Mr. Henderson of the Henderson Homefront Archives & Collection. ITEM 282:  WOOD MARQUETRY PICTURE OF “THE WOLF’S LAIR” – HITLER’S HOUSE AT BERCHTESGADEN. DESCRIPTION:   Inlaid mahogany wood picture and frame made by PoW Robert … Continue reading


Veterans Guard of Canada (VGC) Wooden Cigarette Case

From the Henderson Homefront Archives and Collection Wood cigarette case.  Front marked 1941, “Smoke with pleasure -” Cpl. Wilson, R, 13th Co., V.G.O.C. Reverse marked “Kananaskis” 13 Cm. X 8.5 Cm. X 2 Cm. Click on any picture to enlarge … Continue reading


Program from a Play Presented by German Prisoners of War in Mimico, Ontario, September 1942

This gallery contains 2 photos.

The program date is “3 September 1942” and the names in the program, as far as I can make them out, are: A. GIESE R. TREU E. LANGHANS F. FELDMANN T. AXENFELD H. JACOBSEN S. KNAPPE A. PAETOW E. KLEINAU … Continue reading


Birks Memorial Bar to Captain R. I. VAN DER BYL, Veterans Guard of Canada (Picture)

From the Henderson Homefront Archives and Collection. ITEM:     BIRKS MEMORIAL BAR TO R.I. Van Der BYL Detail:    A Captain in 11A Co., Veterans Guard of Canada. Taken on strength Vancouver, 3 November 1940. Died 10 December 1941 at Calgary … Continue reading


Veterans Guard of Canada: Wade MATLOCK items

From the Henderson Homefront Archives and Collection.  Some information about the MATLOCK collection of items, from R. J. Henderson:   The permit measures 20 X 12.5  cm Christmas Card – (closed) is 10 X 13 cm Pay Book closed measures … Continue reading


Veterans Guard of Canada: Wade MATLOCK (pictures 21 through 23)

*** More information to come ***  From the Henderson Homefront Archives and Collection. 


Veterans Guard of Canada: Wade MATLOCK (pictures 17 through 20)

From the Henderson Homefront Archives and Collection.  Christmas Card – (closed) is 10 X 13 cm.