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Item 456 C: Ship in Bottle

Item 456 C

Description: PoW-made 3-mast sailing vessel in bottle, facing right. Octagon-shaped bottle.

From the Henderson Homefront Collection

Clear glass bottle lying on its side, mouth to the right. Inside is a sailing ship with 3 masts in full sail, a village behind.

Item 456 C, a ship in a bottle. (Photo by R J Henderson, Bottle from Henderson Homefront Collection)

Item 456 B: Ship in Bottle, Marked Shilo, Manitoba

Item 456 B

Description: PoW-made 3-mast sailing ship in full sail facing right in a 14-cm  bottle.  Village to the left back side.  Bottle marked “Shilo, Mani–ba”.

From the Henderson Homefront Collection

A sailing ship in a bottle with blue background. Red script with letters missing says "Shilo, Manitoba"

Item 456 B - Ship in Bottle, script saying Shilo, Manitoba (letters missing). Henderson Collection.

Item 456 A: Ship in bottle with U-boat, sailing ship, village, lighthouse, and Canadian plane

Ship in a bottle, with two unusual features. The U-Boat is a very rare feature in this type of art, and the airplane on the wire shows the quality of the workmanship.

Description: The surfaced U-9 German Submarine and a 3-mast sailing vessel under full sail facing left.  A Canadian airplane showing roundels flying separately above the U-Boat. Lighthouse and village in background. Has a 2 cm paint flake to the right side.

From Henderson Homefront Collection

Three-masted sailing ship in full sail, in a bottle, with a blue background, a village, Canadian airplane, surfaced U-boat

Item 456 A – Ship in Bottle with U-Boat and Canadian Airplane (Henderson Collection)

Details of ship in bottle with sailing ship, U-boat, airplane, village all visible

Item 456 A 02 - Ship in Bottle - Detail (Henderson Collection)

Beware of fake ships in bottles

Advice from R.J. Henderson:
Re: PoW-made ship in a bottle. Viewers are reminded that not all ships in bottles are PoW-made. Among those to avoid any with a rope or metal band around it holding the bottle to the base.
There are fakes out there!